Africa, Basing and force posture, Counterterrorism, Grand strategy

Past Virtual Event: Unraveling the GWOT in Africa

Overshadowed by wars in the Greater Middle East, the U.S. has conducted aggressive counterterrorism operations in Africa for more than 20 years.

At least 6,500 personnel at approximately 29 enduring and contingency bases around Africa support training of local militaries, intelligence collection, drone strikes, air strikes, military exercises, and other activities to eradicate terrorism from the continent.

These small wars appear to be growing in the shadows, with little oversight and only sporadic public attention, let alone debate. This panel of experts will examine these operations, scrutinizing their aims and costs.
What are U.S. objectives in Africa? Has the U.S. strategy successfully achieved them? What are the costs and benefits for the U.S. and the host nations and their people? After more than two decades of effort, what do we know about the most effective ways to prevent terrorist attacks? Are there superior alternative policies the U.S. should consider? Join us for a thoughtful discussion on these issues.

Event Speakers


Senior Fellow

Defense Priorities


Distinguished Fellow

Dartmouth College


Associate Professor

American University

Jessica Trisko

Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University