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Past Virtual Event: Ukraine’s counteroffensive: The view from the frontlines

Defense Priorities Director of Grand Strategy Rajan Menon just returned from an extensive trip to Ukraine—his third since the war began. Venturing beyond Kyiv to areas near the frontlines, Menon witnessed Russian assaults on Kyiv; the aftermath of key battles, like Bakhmut; and the launch of Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive.

Menon will share firsthand accounts from numerous Ukrainians, including soldiers and officials, as well as his insights into the situation on the ground. We will examine the current state of the war in Ukraine, including the balance of forces as Ukraine’s counteroffensive unfolds; evaluate burgeoning proposals to guarantee Ukraine’s security beyond the ongoing conflict; and explore the prospects for a negotiated settlement—or simply an end to the war—that best advances U.S. interests.

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