Past Virtual Event: Taiwan tensions and U.S.-China competition

Speaker Pelosi’s recent trip to Taiwan escalated cross-Strait tensions. China launched military live-fire drills that crossed the median line and fired missiles over Taiwan and into Japanese waters as part of its largest-ever military exercises around the island; China also suspended/ended cooperation with the U.S. on climate-change and anti-drug efforts. All of this heightens risks and adds urgency to key questions about the U.S. relationship with Taiwan.

What are vital U.S. interests in Asia and do they include defending Taiwan? Do the longstanding policies of “One China” and “strategic ambiguity” still serve U.S. interests? How much support can the U.S. provide Taiwan before China considers forcibly integrating it? Would Taiwan's fall endanger other Asian states? What role might other Asian powers, like Japan, play in a conflict over Taiwan?

Keeping competition with China limited and peaceful is probably the most important foreign policy challenge facing the country today. Please join DEFP’s Asia Engagement program for a thoughtful discussion about all these critical issues.

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Director of Asia Engagement

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