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Past Virtual Event: Rethinking U.S. strategy in East Asia: Do more bases mean more deterrence?

In 2023, the United States signed basing agreements with the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. This continues a trend of increasing its already expansive military presence in the Asia-Pacific to balance China’s growing power and influence. Heightened Chinese military capabilities, rising tension, and limited U.S.-China diplomatic engagement fuel growing concerns that a war could break out between the world’s two largest powers.

Is sending more U.S. forces to the region and opening more bases the best policy to defend American interests? What military and political value do overseas bases provide to the U.S.—and what are the costs and risks of maintaining our current posture? How might China respond to an expanded U.S. presence? Are U.S. allies encouraged to do more to deter China because of our presence, or does it discourage them from balancing behaviors? Would a strategy centered on economic and diplomatic engagement better serve U.S. interests? Please join Defense Priorities for a thoughtful discussion on these important issues.

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