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Past Virtual Event: A ‘bridge’ to NATO or false hope for Ukraine?

NATO leaders will meet for their annual summit with war raging on the European continent. There are unclear promises of a "bridge" to NATO for Ukraine, at some unstated time, but no consideration of the costs and risks of such rhetoric, let alone following through. At the same time—with growing scrutiny about the military capabilities of non-U.S. alliance members and the ability of NATO-Europe to take responsibility for aiding Ukraine—there's talk of NATO operating in the Indo-Pacific in an effort to balance China.

After three-quarters of a century, what is the future of NATO? Should the United States still carry the burden for European security? Or should it shift defense responsibilities to wealthy European allies? How should the alliance react to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine? Is NATO still necessary to defend Europe from Russia? And is there a role for NATO in the Indo-Pacific?

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Senior Fellow, American Statecraft Program

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Senior Fellow, Reimagining U.S. Grand Strategy Program

Stimson Center


Non-Resident Senior Fellow

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