Washington stuck the U.S. in an impossible situation in Afghanistan—ending the war is the least-bad option

By Jerrod Laber

The U.S.’s main demand of the Taliban is not allowing Afghanistan to become a safe haven for terrorists. We don’t need to take the Taliban’s word that they will not allow groups like al-Qaeda to take up refuge, because we can handle our safety on our own. The U.S. has the ability to globally monitor and disrupt terrorist activity without a permanent military presence. And besides, America military power effectively deterred the Taliban from making that mistake in 2001 when it decimated its ranks after 9/11.

The initial U.S. invasion in 2001 was justified, to both destroy al-Qaeda and to punish the Taliban. But it hasn’t accomplished much of enduring consequence since then, except overstretch our military and add to our nation’s growing debt. Now, America has a choice. It can either continue to languish in an ineffective occupation that bleeds the U.S. military and taxpayer, with no chance for additional gains for America, in the hopes that the Taliban and the Afghan government surprise us all and seek peace in a good-faith manner—or it can accept its done all it can and leave. As far as American interests are concerned, exit is clearly the best option. It’s past time Washington acknowledge that reality.

This piece was originally published by The Washington Times on June 13, 2019. Read more HERE.