War with Iran would be foolish–Our relations will improve in the long run

By Gil Barndollar

Despite increasingly bellicose rhetoric and a mounting tally of incidents, the United States and Iran have avoided war so far. Yet voices on both sides–many of them at the highest levels of government–are arguing that we should give war a chance.

There are plenty of reasons why even a supposedly limited war with Iran is a bad idea. Chief among them are the nearly-guaranteed risks of escalation, the broader regional impact of a conflict, and the potential for chaos should the Iranian theocracy suddenly implode.

But the strongest argument against U.S. escalation is oddly absent from the discussion: Why should the United States risk war-with all of its unknowable consequences and chaos–when the key trends in Iran are moving in America’s favor?

This piece was originally published by Fox News on August 7, 2019. Read more HERE.