US Russia arms race would be detrimental to strategy

By Daniel R. DePetris

With the death of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the Pentagon’s recent testing of a medium range, ground-based cruise missile, and the looming expiration of the New START treaty, one can be forgiven for feeling a sense of Cold War déjà vu.

The United States and Russia — the world’s two largest nuclear superpowers — are on the cusp of a 21st century arms race that would be detrimental to strategic stability and yet throw one more obstacle in the way of stabilizing an already tense and acrimonious U.S.-Russia relationship.

U.S. and Russian officials are currently talking past each other and casting allegations about who is primarily at fault for making the world a more dangerous place.

This piece was originally published by The Hill on August 24, 2019. Read more HERE.