Trump should ease ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran if he wants a deal

By Daniel R. DePetris

To the editor: Columnist Doyle McManus is right to applaud President Trump’s renewed support for diplomacy with Iran. But expressing a desire for a dialogue and actually going through with it are two different things.

If Trump hopes to cut a deal with Iran on its nuclear program, he will have to stop listening to the advisors who insisted that a strategy of maximum pressure was the road to success. An all-sanctions, no-diplomacy approach has resulted in a considerably worse situation than when the strategy was first initiated.

Both sides would benefit from some give and take. Concessions are an unavoidable reality when bridging the gap between two nations with divergent interests and 40 years of adversarial history.

This piece was originally published by The Los Angeles Times on September 1, 2019. Read more HERE.