The World Has Changed: It’s Time to End Permanent and Unnecessary Deployments to Middle East

By Daniel L. Davis

Conventional thinking in establishment Washington says America needs tens of thousands of combat troops permanently deployed in the Middle East for the security of our country. If we were to redeploy these forces back to home base, the assumption goes, we risk “a new 9/11.”

This fear mongering is egregiously inaccurate and historically indefensible, and it saps our military of strength with no benefit to our country. It is time to reorient our global force posture in light of geostrategic realities and withdraw most of our troops from the Middle East.

To understand why U.S. security would be better served by a smaller global footprint, consider what the last 29 years of constant military operations have accomplished:

This piece was originally published by Townhall on September 10, 2019. Read more HERE.

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