The U.S. Doesn’t Need An Afghanistan Deal. We Just Need To Leave

By Gil Barndollar

The deal’s off. President Trump revealed last week he had canceled a secret meeting planned with both Taliban leaders and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at Camp David. A Taliban attack that killed an American soldier, the president tweeted, drove him to shut down the talks. Soon after, he evicted national security adviser John Bolton — who was increasingly at odds with Trump’s transactional, if erratic, instincts on Iran, North Korea, and now Afghanistan.

If we take Trump at his word, and accept that peace talks with the Taliban are “dead,” there is one obvious question to ask: So what? We don’t need permission from either the Taliban or our Afghan client government to withdraw U.S. troops and end American participation in Afghanistan’s intractable civil war. Trump can bring our forces home without a deal.

This piece was originally published by The Federalist on September 18, 2019. Read more HERE.

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