The Trump-Bolton maximum pressure campaign against Iran has failed miserably

By Bonnie Kristian

While negotiations between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and France’s Emmanuel Macron are showing signs of a breakthrough, U.S.-Iran relations have deteriorated.

Though Macron insists Rouhani may enter talks with President Trump soon, the broader trajectory of Washington’s relationship with Tehran over the past three years has been away from effective negotiations. The blame for this deterioration rests squarely with the Trump administration’s policy of “maximum pressure,” spearheaded by long-time interventionist figures such as national security adviser John Bolton.

But Bolton’s grand “maximum pressure” strategy has not brought Tehran to heel, or even made talks more likely. It has neither strengthened our diplomatic position nor moved Iran toward disarmament or liberalization. Maximum pressure is a risky approach that is unlikely to deliver for the American people, and we must abandon it before further damage is done.

This piece was originally published by The Washington Examiner on September 9, 2019. Read more HERE.

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