The growing danger of choosing war as a routine instrument of policy

By Daniel L. Davis

Much of establishment Washington has been stumbling over itself in recent days to convince President Trump to launch punitive military strikes against Iran on behalf of Saudi Arabia. That such action could suck the United States into an all-out war seems of little concern, and that carelessness should alarm every American.

As one who has seen more than a little war, let me assure you the risk here is real. Our leaders’ increasing willingness to treat war as a routine policy instrument is dangerous and must be stopped.

War used to be considered a means to protect the United States from direct attack and, even then, only as an absolute last resort. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, our last general president, knew this well. In 1956, the freedom-loving people of Hungary revolted against Soviet domination and appealed to America for help. Eisenhower refused. The USSR eventually squashed the movement, and the people of Hungary suffered another 30-plus years of oppression before the Communist bloc collapsed in 1992.

This piece was originally published by The Washington Times on October 2, 2019. Read more HERE.