President Trump, keeping Saudi Arabia happy isn’t worth risking ‘all-out war’ with Iran

By Bonnie Kristian

The recent strikes on Saudi Arabian oil production facilities, likely perpetrated by Iran, were certainly not a good thing.

Though no one was killed, the attacks disrupted global energy markets in the short term, and mark a significant new escalation in the Iran-Saudi Arabia rivalry. Regional tensions are at a new high, and sabers are more than rattling. De-escalation is in the best interest of both the United States and the global economy, so President Trump should abandon “maximum pressure” and stop underwriting Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy mistakes.

Saudi Arabia may, at times, be a useful partner for America. We still do not want to pick sides in a centuries old Sunni-Shiite struggle, which is core to the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Put simply, these attacks are not our problem.

This piece was originally published by the Washington Examiner on September 26, 2019. Read more HERE.

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