Make Trade, Not War

By Jeremy Lott

In this most unusual of election cycles, American voters appear to be sorting out into two rival camps that are more complicated than the usual left-right divide. A large number of Democratic voters are threatening to go Republican. Many Republicans are threatening to do the same for the Democrats.

One of these political camps, sometimes called “globalists” or name-called the “neocons,” is in favor of both more war and more trade. The other camp, who prefer to be called “populists” and are derided as “isolationists,” are generally against war but also extremely skeptical of free trade.

It seems to me that both camps of voters are wrong in a ways that are bad for America and also toxic to the peace of nations. Let me explain.

The globalists are clearly wrong about all the warmongering. They don’t believe that peace is an especially important goal and instead focus on perceived injustices that America can make right through our substantial military might.

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Jeremy Lott is a senior fellow at Defense Priorities.

Photo courtesy of wikimedia.