Lindsey Graham is wrong about Afghanistan— again

By Jerrod A. Laber

Recently, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban, which are aimed at ending the Afghanistan war. “I hope the Trump administration will not give into absurd Taliban demands for U.S. withdrawal within 18 months,” he said, “regardless of conditions on the ground.”

Graham’s argument is twofold: He believes the current U.S. footprint in Afghanistan is sufficiently small, and he thinks it is an “insurance policy against the reemergence of al-Qaida/ISIS types [which will] help hold Afghanistan together.” “How Afghanistan turns out,” Graham concluded, “is vitally important to our own national security interests, as this is the place it all started on 9/11.”

This piece was originally published by The Post and Courier on August 1, 2019. Read more HERE.