Let Saudi Arabia Fight its Own Wars

By Robert Moore

In the aftermath of attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields allegedly by or backed by the Iranian government, Saudi officials have a right to be offended by the violation of their country’s territory and the financial blow to their largest industry. If the evidence is conclusive that the Iranian government was somehow complicit in the attack, few would dispute that the Saudis have rights under international law to seek retribution and obligations to protect their territory and citizens from future attack.

What they should actually do, or if Saudi involvement in other areas of the Middle East like Yemen had anything to do with the oilfield attacks, are separate questions. But when determining the policy of the United States towards this situation, our leaders should take two considerations into serious account: the national security interests of the United States and the capabilities of the Saudi Arabian military to prevent or deter future attacks.

This piece was originally published by Townhall on September 20, 2019. Read more HERE.