Good riddance, John Bolton

By Willis Krumholz

Former national security advisor John Bolton—recently fired by President Trump—has been wrong about a lot.

After 18 years of fighting and no end in sight, Bolton wanted America to double down on the war in Afghanistan, where the Taliban controls the same area of land they did a decade ago. Meanwhile, in a far cry from the false humanitarian narrative some in Washington offer as justification for the war, American troops are forced to defend brutal warlords who are no better than the Taliban.

Bolton was likewise one of the architects of the failed war in Iraq, guaranteeing the campaign would be quick and painless. It wasn’t. When America removed troops from Iraq in 2012 and the Islamic State came to regional power, Bolton and his ilk could only blame the troop drawdown, ignoring that they had destabilized Iraq in the first place.

This piece was originally published by The Hill on September 14, 2019. Read more HERE.