Don’t Let the Deal With Taliban Be a Pretext for More 'Forever War'

By Jerrod A. Laber

A potential deal with the Taliban—which would end U.S. involvement in the Afghanistan War in exchange for counterterrorism assurances, a ceasefire, and an intra-Afghan dialogue—reportedly is nearly complete. But President Trump’s comments on Sunday, after a meeting with his national security team to discuss the proposal, suggest an American exit is not actually imminent—Trump said Afghanistan can’t be a “laboratory for terror,” that the future of U.S. involvement will “depend on the Taliban [and] the Afghan government,” and that we should expect to see “significant” intelligence capabilities left behind as a “police force”—indefinitely. Much as with Trump’s 2017 decision to expand the war with a “conditions-based approach,” it seems that even a signed deal with the Taliban would simply mean a continuation of a status quo-lite arrangement under a different name.

This piece was originally published by Townhall on August 23, 2019. Read more HERE.