Explanation needed for Trump’s Pentagon spending boost

May 24, 2017
Contact: press@defensepriorities.org

WASHINGTON, DC—Yesterday, President Trump proposed a budget for Fiscal Year 2018 that, if enacted, aims to balance the federal budget over the course of 10 years. With more than $20 trillion in debt, our current levels of spending are not sustainable and endanger the security of our nation.

Therefore, Defense Priorities commends the Trump administration for proposing a budget that prioritizes growing the economy and putting the federal government on a path to solvency. We believe, however, that proposed increases in defense spending and reductions to foreign affairs programs require further explanation.

“An effective foreign policy requires that all tools of statecraft have appropriate resource levels and clear missions. President Trump has suggested his vision for America's role in the world differs significantly from his predecessor. The American people, their representatives in Congress, and our fellow citizens who serve in the military and other foreign affairs roles deserve a well-articulated strategy that explains how the proposed budget allocations would advance Americans' freedom, prosperity, and security. We look forward to working with Congress and the administration as the FY 2018 budget process continues,” said Kurt Couchman, Defense Priorities Vice President of Public Policy.